«Sprint» by Jake Knapp – Book Summary


Sprint: how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days… by designer Jake Knapp, who created the 5-day process at Google Ventures in order to help Google initiatives and investments prototype and validate ideas as rapidly and effectively as possible. Entrepreneurs constantly face tough decisions, and their outcome won’t be realized … Leer más

«The Lean Startup» by Eric Ries – Book Summary


Eric Ries is a serial entrepreneur who created the lean startup movement to help startups allocate their resources more effectively.

Startups are NOT about coming up with a brilliant idea and becoming an overnight success as many articles might have you believe.

Entrepreneurship in fact is much more about testing and learning… faster than your competitors. Most startups fail. But much of that failure is avoidable. And the Lean Startup is the methodology that helps entrepreneurs avoid failure.

The Lean Startup Summary